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Kowey-generic 18

16 Feb 2005: Kowey-generic 20 with lots of tiny Latex and Java bugfixes


Unannoy aims to help programmers write usable software. What are two things which make software unusable?

  1. Poor packaging - one-off software is still a pain to install.
  2. Lack of quality control - random malfunctions cause software to be unneccesarily difficult.
We hope to provide some lightweight tools which make it easier for you to produce decently packaged and higher quality software.


  1. kowey-generic - Easy-to-install templates for making nicely packaged software.
  2. unannoyment (version 0.2) - Provides a tiny Java library for checking string and argument values. If you like Eiffel's preconditions, you might like this.


You are more than welcome to grab our source via CVS or visit our Sourceforge project page.

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  1. Soapical - Soapical and Unannoy are two projects which aim to increase the reusability of software. Whereas Unannoy tries to improve the packaging and quality, Soapical focuses on interoperability with other software.

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