Reduce your installation fuss

kowey-generic is a set of templates for small programming projects in single languages. The goal is to provide a simple way to make highly portable and nicely distributable software that "just works". These templates allow you produce packages that the user simply downloads and runs with no mess, fuss, or CLASSPATH nonsense (under Java).

...for Java

These templates also help Java developers to adopt better coding habits, as the default build file auto-generates unit test skeletons using JUnitDoclet.

...for Latex

These templates give Latex writers a nice clean structure for their projects and a handy Makefile for distributing their work to others.


Darcs Access

Kowey-generic is now managed via darcs, an advanced revision control system which is more powerful than CVS, yet much simpler to use.

  1. darcs get http://unannoy.sourceforge.net/repos/kowey-generic

Alternate Distributions

You could visit our Sourceforge project page for older versions of kowey-generic.


Kowey-generic comes with everything it needs; however, if you are using Windows, you will first need to install Cygwin.

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